Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2015

Um zu wissen, wo man hin will, muss man wissen, woher man kommt ... / In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you come from ...

Es gibt viele Firmen am Markt – wissen aber alle, woher sie kommen? Welche Geschichte steckt dahinter? Wie hat sich das Unternehmen entwickelt? Spiegelt sich die Geschichte und Herkunft im Unternehmen wider? Hierzu gibt es viele Fragen – wir beantworten diese Fragen in unserer neuen Reihe „Frowein 808 Biozide – Die Story“. Lassen Sie sich überraschen.

There are many companies on the market – but know all of them where they come from? What story is behind it? How has the company developed? Is the history and origin of the company reflected? Concerning this, there are many questions – we will answer these in our new series “Frowein 808 Biozide – The story”. Full of surprises.

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Montag, 12. Oktober 2015

HYGiTEC Permanent-Monitoring Software-based module for monitoring rodent infestation

Our aim is to provide a product for professional pest control operator (PCO) that enables following advantages for himself and his customers:
* Reduction of inspection intervals, because only "visited" bait stations have to be checked.
* Saving of time takes place through less effort of control - time can be used for other jobs and activities: increase in turnover.
* Exact proof within documentation, which bait station was “visited” during what time and how often.
* Competitive advantage, thereby increase customer loyalty. 
* Boxes can be placed in sensitive sectors.
* Inspection of live traps is only necessary if infestation exists.
* IFS-, BRC- und AIB-conformable.
* Implementation of the risk mitigation measures for rodent control
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Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

CEPA Certified

Laut aktuellem DpS-Trend-Report aus Ausgabe 9/2015 wissen 90% der befragten Schädlingsbekämpfer, dass es nun eine DIN EN 16636 gibt. Laut DpS ein unglaublich hoher Wert zwei Monate nach Veröffentlichung. Das finden wir auch.
Kennen Sie aber auch „CEPA Certified“? Wie Sie CEPA Certified Dienstleistungsanbieter werden können, was es Ihnen als Dienstleister bringt und viele weitere Informationen hierzu finden Sie auf der CEPA-Homepage unter www.cepa-europe.org/CEPA Certified.
According to the current DpS-Trend Report from issue 9/2015, 90% of the respondents Pest controllers know, that there is now a DIN EN 16636. According DpS an incredibly high value two months after publication. We think that too. But do you know also "CEPA Certified"? How you can be a CEPA Certified service provider? What brings to you as a service provider? - as well as other information can be found on the CEPA website at www.cepa-europe.org/CEPA Certified.